The best time to travel to London by 4 seasons of the year

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There are benefits and drawbacks to visiting London at various seasons of the year, depending on whether you’re seeking for sunlight, festivals, or just to tour the city’s museums in solitude. Do you want to know when is the best time to travel to London?

A Quick Overview

In general, spring is the ideal season to travel to London because the weather is warmer, the sun is out more, and the city’s parks and gardens are at their prettiest. At this time of year, hotel and Airbnb rooms are much more affordable.

The truth is that the best time to travel to London mostly depends on your travel goals.

Summer is the best season to visit if you only want to see inside Queen Liz’s palace; winter is the best time if you want to spend a lot of time perusing the galleries.

The best time to travel to London by season

In the spring

One of the nicest seasons to travel to London is spring. The capital experiences a fantastic bustle as the season changes and the weather warms up.

Since spring is the “shoulder season” and perhaps the best time to travel to London of the year, I am a particular lover of this season. Early spring can still be rather frigid, but by May the weather is typically quite agreeable and the crowds haven’t fully swelled.

The best time to travel to London in the spring

Events and Activities in Spring

  • Race for Virgin Money in London – If you’re one of those extremely athletic people who make the rest of us feel horrible, the renowned London Marathon is held annually in April.
  • Coffee Festival in London – London is experiencing a coffee fever that extends beyond traditional brick-and-mortar cafes. At this festival in April, learn about the most recent and innovative news and flavors in the coffee business.
  • London Flower Show – Visit the Chelsea Flower Show in May to witness the spectacle that is Britain’s obsession with flowers and gardens. If it’s good enough for the queen, Queen Elizabeth II never misses it, thus…

Pros of visiting London in the spring

  • The temperature is typically quite reasonable, and because of the lower humidity in late Spring, it may even be nicer than in the dog days of summer.
  • Generally speaking, it’s a decent compromise between pleasant weather and the intense crowds of the summer.
  • The gardens in places like Hampton Court, St. James’ Park, and Buckingham Palace gardens are incredibly colorful thanks to the flowers, which are just stunning.

Cons of Spring Travel to London

  • While it can still be cold and rainy in the early spring, the masses start to gather as the temperature rises.

In the summer (June to August )

The best time to travel to London in the summer


In London, the arrival of summer is greatly celebrated. Both tourists and residents take their beers and hurry to the nearest beer garden, while any outdoor area is a favorite location for picnics and strolls.

You won’t be alone in the capital in the summer because it’s thought to be the best time to travel to London weather-wise. This city consistently ranks among the top tourist destinations in the world.

Events & Summer Activities

  • Wimbledon – Each year, the most prestigious tennis event in the world makes its way to south-east London, bringing with it tennis royalty as well as physical monarchy. The prospect of running upon Queen Serena makes it one of the ideal occasions to visit London.
  • Ashes – The summertime cricket match between the two cricket teams sees the Australia/England rivalry reach a fever pitch over an urn holding actual ashes (of cricket stumps). Cricket knowledge is not required, but friendly, patriotic banter is.
  • State Rooms at Buckingham Palace – The Royals give us commoners a tour of the Palace after they have left for their incredibly hip residences at Balmoral. It’s a very cool event regardless of your opinions on the royal family.
  • Proms – Celebrate the Proms, a summertime series of classical performances that has become a symbol of Britain. Since 1895, they have existed and seem to be becoming more and more common.

Pros of visiting London in the summer

  • Let’s face it, rain is likely to continue. But compared to other times of the year, it won’t rain as much. It’s also warm.
  • The summer months are filled with fantastic activities and celebrations.
  • You have more than 15 hours of daylight to explore because the days are so long.

Cons of Summer Travel to London

  • Crowded.
  • Don’t be deceived by London’s generally mild weather; it’s the humidity that kills you. In London, the height of summer can be quite oppressive and uncomfortable.

In Fall/Autumn (September and October)

The best time to travel to London in the fall

Autumn and October are underrated times to visit London. This time of year, the weather can start to get chilly, but that’s nothing a nice coat and a cheerful outlook can’t remedy. In addition, conditions aren’t quite as icy as in winter.

Additionally, even while London is far from abandoned in the fall, there are fewer tourists about, giving you more time to thoroughly explore the city.

Events & Activities in London this Fall

  • Design Festival in London – London’s design festival is quite amazing because the city has always been at the forefront of art and design. This is a fantastic event to check out if you have any interest in pop culture, fashion, or the arts.
  • Exhibits at night – Many of London’s most famous museums host fantastic late-night activities in the fall. There are several opportunities to participate, including talks and cocktail parties.

Pros of visiting London in the fall

  • The days are rather long and the temperatures are still reasonable in the early October. As a result, it is the best time to travel to London and enjoy its attractions.
  • Because there are less people there, prices will be lower and you’ll have more time to appreciate the attraction.

Cons of visiting London in the fall

  • Fall and autumn have relatively short days, especially as the season draws to a close.

In winter (November to February)

Streets London in the winter

In London, the average maximum temperature from November to February is around 9°C. With an average temperature of 5°C in January, conditions are especially chilly.

However, it’s nothing a woolly scarf, jacket, and umbrella can’t remedy, and the rain will stay away. Christmas also attempts to maintain a positive mood throughout the city.

Events & Winter Activities in London

  • Bonfire Night is one of Britain’s most distinctive and cherished holidays, honoring Guy Fawkes’ thwarted attempt to blow up the British Parliament. There are many fireworks, fires, and general celebrations.
  • Christmas lights: Regardless of your age, who doesn’t like watching the Christmas lights come on? The ones in London are some of the greatest in the world, and they’ll make you feel festive.
  • Christmas Markets: I adore Christmas market shopping because you can find some wonderful, one-of-a-kind gifts for your loved ones and it’s a lot of fun. London’s Christmas markets, which are spread out throughout the city, really deliver.

Pros of visiting London in the winter

  • London has much smaller crowds, therefore there is less waiting in line and inflated peak pricing. In London during the winter, you’ll have more time to take in the sights.
  • Personally, I adore the gloomy winter aesthetic of the capital. Yes, that’s the London I know and love; it’s cloudy and grey. You’ll experience London as a resident would.

Cons of visiting London in the winter

  • Winter daylight hours are rather brief, so you’ll need to cram a lot into a few hours if you want to see London’s sights in the light.


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