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Top 10 Best Street Foods in Taiwan

Taiwan is home to stunning hiking routes, a lively urban skyline, some of the globe’s friendliest people, and especially fantastic food paradise. There are lots of finest road foods in Taiwan for you to delight in.

Finest Street Foods in Taiwan
1. Xiao Long Bao

Xiao Long Bao is a soupy dumpling that will make your mouth water even prior to you attack its soft bun. It is a dumpling, unlike any kind of dumplings you have attempted prior to.

The soft white heavy steam bun of Xiao Long Bao is full of a tasty soup that you either need to consume from it or swallow it entire to really provide it justice. You can locate Xiao Long Bao in most Taiwanese dining establishments in addition to from street food stalls in a night market.

2. Pearl tea in Taipei

Night markets are an ultimate part of the Taipei food experience. Shilin Night Market is the city’s earliest, largest, and most preferred, dating from 1910.

There are a large selection of cheap xiǎochī available here, from oyster omelets to smelly tofu. Additionally worth visiting is Gongguan Night Market, where must-try dishes consist of the tasty buns (bāo) at Yuanbao as well as Lan’s Steamed Sandwiches.

3. Taro spheres

Taro rounds are ubiquitous in Taiwan, you can find this standard treat in virtually every area in the country. Offered either over chipped ice or as cozy treat soup, the smooth, chewy taro rounds are lightly sweetened with a drizzle of syrup.
Fresh taro is peeled, steamed, combined with potato starch, as well as diced right into bite-sized pieces. They are then cooked in boiling water to attain their well-known “QQ” texture. Offered in a range of flavors such as Original, Green Tea, as well as Sesame, this colorful dessert looks just as good as it tastes!
4. Ice-cream spring rolls

Ice-cream springtime rolls filled with peanut candy and also cilantro?! Sounds like an unusual mix.
This spring roll look-alike contains two scoops of taro gelato, grounded peanut candy (evidently made from the waters of Yilan), and sprigs of fresh cilantro.
The smooth ice cream as well as sandy, salted peanut candy shavings contrast as well as balance each other wonderfully, with the cilantro including a herby kick at the end.
5. Gau Bao

Gau Bao or the Taiwanese pork stomach bun is another of my preferred road food in Taiwan I often select if I intend to fill my stomach fast with only a small portion.

The soft white bun, something you can always anticipate to be tasty in Taiwan, along with the thickness of Pork Belly, veggies, and ground peanuts make it rather a fulfilling bite to take while strolling around the night market trying to find various other points to consume.
You can find them in nearly any night market in Taipei as well as in various other cities around the island.
6. Stuffed meatballs.

Eating in the north city of Hsinchu is lots of fun as the city is renowned for its cooking specialties: pork meatballs in soup (gòngwántāng), rice noodles (mĭfēn) and packed meatballs (ròyuán), specifically at the food stalls in and around Chenghuang Temple Night Market.

7. Chodofu.

Chodofu or Stinky Tofu is smelly by western criteria, but Taiwanese appreciate the odor. On a breezy day, you can find a vendor based on smell alone. A strong, pungent scent wafts via the air, kinda like the smell of unclean socks. While tofu is naturally fermented, the have an odor comes from the aged brine.

The first bite can be a little repulsive, as it tastes the way it scents. A number of bites later on, it will grow on you. Often, the tofu is accompanied with marinaded cabbage and hot sauce.

8. Scallion Pancakes.

Among my favorite road snacks in Taiwan is Scallion Pancakes. Commonly they’re mimicked a thin deep-fried crepe pancake with scallions and eggs. Rather, we were required to one of Taipei Eats’ favorite scallion pancake vendors. She makes a sort of scallion pancake called Thousand Layer Bread, because of its several layers.

9. Poultry Cutlet.

Deep-fried poultry breast cutlet seasoned with a special salt and pepper powder with a choice of hot chili powder, this is finest eaten on a cold Taiwanese wintertime night. It constantly appears to find area in your tummy at any time of the year and is among the more prominent Taiwanese road food.

10. Iron eggs.

Iron eggs, or connection dan, come from the North-eastern town of Danshui as well as stays a preferred snack that is quickly offered along streets.
The procedure of making the crunchy tie dan bores. The eggs are continuously air-dried as well as boiled in a top-secret broth, to achieve the preferred shade and also appearance. Obviously, each batch of eggs undergoes this process 11 times!
The tie dan is savory, pleasant, as well as a little spicy, and also are quite a popular bar treat among the locals.
In conclusion, below is a checklist of the best street foods in Taiwan you need to attempt when traveling.