Top 5 extremely popular bicycle brands

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Bicycles are considered the most used vehicles all over the world. They are the easiest types to use and relatively cheap when compared to other types of vehicles. They can be used as a means of transport, for leisure tours as well as for exercises to keep the driver healthy. In this article, I would like to introduce to you the five extremely popular bicycle brands in the world.

1. Giant Bicycle

one of the most popular bicycle brands
Giant bicycle



Well known for one of one of the most prominent bike brands in the world is Giant which is a Taiwanese bike manufacturer. It was begun by King Liu in 1972. Giant validates its name as it is the largest manufacturer in the world. Huge topping the list is supported by the reality that several experts as well as world champs trust it.

Titan Contend SL1 is one such respectable design. The bicycles have handlebar-mounted Rides. Its control devices make it easy to switch in between power modes and view essential flight information such as rate, battery, and also GPS. For an elite biking experience, Giant is the best brand. There are many choices of Giant bikes for you on the marketplace.

2. Merida Bicycle
Merida Bicycle

Merida is a Taiwan-based bike style, manufacture, and sales company. It was begun in 1972 by Ike Tseng. Ike was a very gifted engineer, and also the firm grew as a well-respected OE maker making many well-respected brand names Ike passed away in January 2012, the firm is now run by his boy Michael Tseng.

Merida’s business founder, Ike Tseng, was a very honorable person and an actual dreamer. Throughout a journey with the USA at the start of the 1970s, he found a note at the door of a bike shop stating that none bikes from Taiwan were accepted for repair as a result of poor quality. This annoyed Ike Tseng– as well as currently shortly afterward in September 1972, the first manufacturing plant of his company Merida Industry Co., Ltd. was opened in Yuanlin (Taiwan). The man whose life motto was “move with enthusiasm as well as courage” picked the name “Merida” intentionally: The harsh translation of the three syllables “Me-Ri-Da” implies that the firm’s intention is to make high-quality and also just gorgeous products making it possible for anyone to reach her or his destination as pleasantly as feasible. However Ike Tseng would not have actually been himself if he had actually been pleased with the successful realization of his plan to be able to use top quality bikes “Made in Taiwan”. So in 1988, he took the second huge action by releasing the independent brand name MERIDA: In conformity with the business philosophy, the frameworks of a complete series of innovative and worldwide recognized bikes need to be beautified deservedly by the 3 syllables “Me-Ri-Da”.

3. GT – One of the popular bicycle brand names.
GT Bicycle

GT Bicycle is just one of the best bicycle brands that was founded in 1979 in Santa Ana, California, and also reached be understood from the really starting for the development of BMX bikes as well as their “triple triangular” hardtail frame style. They still keep that layout today.

The firm’s vision is to push the boundaries of what’s feasible on two wheels by focusing on creating reputable, long lasting, and also cutting-edge frameworks. After significant successes with their BMX models, GT started to develop their own mountain bicycle and also quickly enough they included other kinds of bikes.

Nowadays, they remain to innovate as well as adopt new technologies, being among the very first ones to introduce 29′ rs to the industry.

4. Trek Bicycle
Trip Bicycle

This bike was founded in 1976 and also has actually been understood for resilience ever since. The firm is taken into consideration a market leader on the planet, offering its items under different brand names such as Gray Fisher, Electra Bicycle Company, Klein, and also Diamant Bikes.

These are mainly initially of the variety bikes that are durable as well as can be utilized by also hefty guys evaluating as much as about 150 kilograms. Expedition Cycles products are marketed in more than 90 countries worldwide. In North America alone, the firm has regarding 1700 suppliers. Trek, a Waterloo, Wisconsin based business, is attributed for its high-performance products that have unavoidably brought us a far better experience on 2 wheels.

5. Cannondale Bicycle
Cannondale Bicycle

The next one I need to refer to is Cannondale. The Cannondale Bicycle Corporation is an American division of Canadian conglomerate Dorel Industries that supplies bikes. It is headquartered in Wilton, Connecticut with production and assembly facilities in China and Taichung, Taiwan. The firm was founded in 1971 by Joe Montgomery, Jim Catrambone, Ron Davis, and Murdock MacGregor to produce backpacks and bags for camping and also later bike trailers for bicycle touring.

Today, Cannondale generates various sorts of high-end bikes, which are no more hand-made in the US. They specialize in aluminum (rather than steel or titanium) and also carbon fiber structures, an innovation in which they were pioneers. The name of the business was taken from the Cannondale Metro-North train station in Wilton, Connecticut.

In February 2008, Dorel Industries, a Canada-based varied consumer items company, revealed the acquisition of Cannondale from Pegasus for around $200 million. Dorel additionally possesses Pacific Cycle which is a representative of bicycles made in Taiwan and the People’s Republic of China for sale under many historical U.S. cycle brand names, consisting of Schwinn, Mongoose, Roadmaster, and GT.

Finally, below is a listing of very popular bicycle brands in the world. Each has its unique attributes and also it is worth spending to have one for sustaining your transport as well as doing workout.

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